Construction Financial Planning & Analysis In New Jersey

Gentile Consulting Group provides financial planning and analysis solutions in the construction industry. We enable owners, builders and lenders to prioritize potential capital investments, and make informed decisions about the cost, risk and return of proposed or ongoing projects, or of an entire project-driven organization. 

Whether you’re considering building a project, investing in one, or lending to one, we provide the financial analysis, risk analysis, and due diligence to assess the cost/benefit and possible range of returns.  

We provide the following range of services throughout the project life cycle, and when considering acquisitions or major investments:

  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Cash Flow
  • Cost Reduction & Control
  • Business Plans & Scenarios
  • Financial Modeling
  • Capital Planning & Analysis
  • Valuations

We begin with upfront budgeting and financial analysis to ensure the best projects are being pursued, then support projects through their life cycle to measure budgetary performance, identify cost issues, and drive the project to budget. 

We also help you prioritize from among a portfolio of potential investments and scenarios to optimize the overall cost/benefit to your organization, within constrained resources.

Finally, we support the due diligence process when considering the acquisition of, or investment in a building firm.

What Is Financial Planning And Analysis?

Financial planning and analysis is an analytic technique that considers all cost and revenue elements, scenarios, and risks to identify optimal projects to build, invest in, or lend to; and to budget, forecast, track and deliver within budget.  It provides builders, owners, investors and lenders with the financial information needed to make disciplined business decisions, and execute to plan.

Gentile Consulting Group provides financial planning and analysis solutions for any type of building project or capital investment, whether under consideration, being planned or underway.

Importance of Financial Planning and Analysis In the Construction Industry

Financial planning and analysis is critical to the success of the building industry, where major commitments are made based on expected returns, and where risk needs to be managed intently. Financial planning and analysis supports the project planning and selection process, as well as ongoing execution. Money is often made or lost in the planning process, so early involvement is critical.  Once the decision is made to proceed, financial planning and analysis is critical to ensuring the project stays on course and cash flow is healthy enough to sustain it through completion. 

Budgeting, Forecasting, Cash Flow & Cost Control

GCG leads the Budgeting process of developing a realistic cost of the project, including all internal costs, suppliers, consultants, contractors, overhead, profit or return, contingency and escalation.  We provide ongoing Forecasting to assess project progress  and cost at completion, based on productivity, trends and changes.  And we constantly evaluate Cash Flow to ensure cash outflows are balanced with inflows to keep the project liquid. Finally we provide tight Cost Control to track expenditures against budget, and identify issues and opportunities early-on in time to take action.  GCG provides expert services in all these areas.

Financial Modeling, Capital Planning & Analysis, Valuations.

GCG provides Financial Modeling to assess the NPV, IRR, and Risk of potential projects or acquisitions under a variety of possible scenarios.  These techniques are used to optimize the Capital Plan of an organization considering a range of projects and to align with its overall long term strategy.  We also support construction firms, developers, investors and lenders when considering a major acquisition, investment or loan.  GCG provides our clients with the reliable information they need to make the best possible decisions. Our commitment has always been to provide professional service and to deliver through on our promises.

Gentile Consulting Group has provided FP&A for projects ranging from $10M to $10B in size. We provide a unique combination of planning, engineering, construction, financial and business skills that ensure the most insightful analysis of your projects and investments.   Our analysis and reports are timely, accurate and insightful, giving you all the tools to ensure project and investment success.  And our years of experience allow us to understand your requirements, whether a planner, builder, investor, or lender.

GCG provides financial planning and analysis solutions throughout New Jersey. Our team works hard to provide the best quality service to our clients.  Counted among them are PSEG, Merck, Alstom Power, Aries Clean Technology and the Port Authority of NY & NJ. To learn more about our work, check out our typical engagements.  

Consider having us join your team. Every project gets senior management’s attention and our team treats them like our own.  Get started with Gentile Consulting Group, contact us today!

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