Construction Process Improvement In New Jersey

Gentile Consulting Group provides construction process improvement solutions in New Jersey. Our team works with Senior Management to understand their current processes, procedures and challenges.  We then drill down to ensure they’re optimized, suggesting and implementing best practice improvements. Then we stay with you every step of the way to ensure staff are trained and aligned with those processes.

The construction process is complex, involving bidding, planning, budgeting, scheduling, contracts, design, procurement, construction, project management, change management, and more, involving both internal and external stakeholders. We ensure you have the processes and procedures in place for seamless management of projects and the firm as a whole.

What is Construction Process Improvement?

Converting ideas into reality is the process of construction. It’s a complex process that needs to be managed with strong clear communication of all involved, from inception to closeout. Implementing the best process to plan, design, and build construction projects leads to repeatable success. Our Construction Process Improvement team focuses on the following:

  • Process & Procedures
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Training & Coaching
  • Project & Portfolio Reporting
  • Program Management Office capabilities

Gentile Consulting Group has been helping owners, builders and developers improve how they do business for years. This is accomplished at both the project level and corporate level.  Our process streamlines operations, improves communications, reduces risk, minimizes overhead, and increases profit.  We take entrepreneurial firms to the next level of sophistication and help simplify large complex organizations.

Why You Need Construction Process Improvement

Construction process improvement is more critical than ever. We work with you to build a culture of continuous improvement in the field and at the home office. We set up the team for success – this goes from the executive suite to project management and virtually all staff in the firm.  Each person will know their roles and responsibilities better, non-value-added work is eliminated, interdepartmental dependencies will be clear and efficient, communication becomes clearer, and productivity improves. Finally, jobs are delivered on time and on budget, and everyone involved has visibility to that success.

Processes & Procedures

The right processes and procedures save time and money.  Whether in the field of office, construction is labor-intensive and requires business discipline to improve productivity. This includes all areas of the firm, from sales & marketing to estimating, contracts, risk management, project management, project controls, and finance.


Roles & Responsibilities

GCG plays a vital role in ensuring the right people are doing the right things. We can review department strengths and weaknesses and customize training to bring everyone up to speed.  And we clarify and document roles and responsibilities so each group understands what’s expected, improving accountability.

Project & Portfolio Reporting

The goal of process improvement is to improve results. Measuring and communicating those results is critical to keeping your project and firm on track.  We work with you to understand your drivers and critical metrics. Then apply our graphical and intuitive reporting approach to ensure reports are easily and quickly understood.  They are delivered at the appropriate level (from Executive Summary to Project Detail) tailored to the user’s needs. 

Program Management Office

The Program Management Office is a centralized group to maintain and continually improve processes, support all departments, and report to Management. For those who have this need, GCG sets you up with the right tools and staff to deliver.

Why Use Gentile Consulting Group’s Construction Process Improvement?

We’ve learned from dozens of large and small firms what works and what doesn’t.  Our skills and years of experience allow you to jump the learning curve, bringing best-in-class processes, procedures, tools, and other ideas to enhance your business performance.  

Gentile Consulting Group provides construction process improvement solutions throughout Northern New Jersey, offering our clients the service they deserve.  We’ve delivered results to satisfied clients like PSE&G, Merck, Alstom Power, Aries Clean Technology, and more. And you can also take a look at our other markets and clients.

We welcome the opportunity to join your team. Every project receives the attention of senior management, and we manage them as if they are our own. Our objective is to provide responsive, truthful, and transparent service as promised.

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