Construction Project Management In New Jersey

Gentile Consulting Group provides business tools to support the success of construction project managers in New Jersey. Our construction project management solutions empower builders, designers, managers, owners and investors with the information and insight to make informed decisions to keep their projects on budget and on schedule. 

Our team provides construction project management solutions that ensure a project’s performance of time, cost, quality, safety, scope are optimized and managed according to plan.

Construction project management is a highly refined method for facilitating the planning, coordination, and control of a project from its inception through design, procurement, construction, commissioning and closeout. Our expert team organizes a project’s budget, schedule, contracts, and scope using specialist project management and control skills.

What Is Construction Project Management?

Construction project management is a broad field that includes all aspects of planning and orchestrating resources to deliver a project to meet its stated goals of scope, cost, schedule, quality and safety.  It often includes broad responsibilities that can vary significantly depending on the type, size, location and complexity of the project.  It necessitates strong leadership, communication, interpersonal, and negotiations skills, and a thorough understanding of design, construction means and methods, and the capability to solve problems.

Our team takes a hands-on approach to project management, focusing on the data project managers need to understand the health of their projects and the decisions that need to be made to keep them on track.  This includes:

  • Optimized Project Plans
  • Cost, Schedule & Scope Control
  • Productivity and Resource assessment
  • Risk & Recovery Plans
  • Contract Management
  • Project & Portfolio Reporting  

GCG provides an end-to-end solution that our clients have come to rely on for large and small projects throughout New Jersey.

Why Do You Need Construction Project Management?

Construction project management offers numerous advantages including reducing risk, increasing transparency, and improving decisions that get your project to the finish line on schedule, within budget, and without financial or contractual difficulties. Construction Management is important for all large and small projects to protect your bottom line, and grows critically with the scale of the project, as the interplay of cost, schedule, scope, quality, safety and contracts become ever more complex.

Gentile Consulting Group manages a project’s planning, design, and construction using specialized project control techniques. Our project oversight services evolve as  the project progresses.  We deliver the best industry standards, prudent management decision-making, and effective and transparent project controls and reporting to make your project a success.

Performance and Monitoring

The project management team monitors the daily progress of a project to measure performance against plan, assess productivity, mitigate change orders, avoid claims and identify areas of opportunity to manage cost down and improve the schedule.

Construction Budget

A construction budget is a comprehensive estimate of funds needed to complete a project from start to finish.  As an owner, developer, or investor, this includes a calculated contingency to cover unexpected changes that inevitably occur as the project progresses.  As a builder this includes overhead and profit. Our expert team helps you evaluate the detailed budget as well as contingency, overhead and profit to ensure your project meets budgetary expectations.  

Gentile Consulting Group offers complete construction project management solutions. With decades of local experience and knowledge, our team manages construction projects professionally, and brings a level of business sophistication others can’t compete with. 

We offer our construction project management services throughout Northern New Jersey keeping us close to our clients.  And we have some amazing clients like PSEG, Merck, Alstom Power, Aries Clean Technology, and more. 

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Do you have one or more projects planned or underway that you’d like to see hit out of the park?  Then we’d like to be part of your team.  Every project receives the attention of senior management, and is managed as if it’s our own. 


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