Construction Project Planning & Estimating In New Jersey

Gentile Consulting Group offers project planning and estimating in the construction industry. Our expert team gets involved at project inception and works with all stakeholders to develop a baseline plan – both budget and schedule.  This forms the basis to monitor the progress and health of the job.  We support Owners, Contractors, Architects, and Developers in New Jersey to ensure the plan is optimized and can achieve its goals.

Our project team drives down the risk to an acceptable level through construction project planning. Our services include scenario analysis, pre-construction planning, baseline budget and schedule development, performance management, change order analysis, and close-out negotiations. We evaluate the project process at every step together to move us towards our final goal.

What Is Construction Project Planning & Estimating

Construction project planning plays an important role in large-scale projects, which have a higher risk of challenges that could cause the project to be delayed and cost money. Planning & Estimating is used to organize all the activities of a project, from inception and design through procurement and construction to develop an optimal baseline schedule and budget.  Scenarios are considered to ensure the project can be completed within available time and cost constraints. As the project scope evolves, planners assess each design and construction decision by doing a thorough analysis and calculating the impact on the budget and schedule.

How Important Is Project Planning & Estimating In Construction?

Project planning and estimating is critical in the construction world.  Every construction project needs strong planning to ensure smooth execution, and to deliver within the agreed budget and schedule, thereby protecting the bottom line.  

Construction projects can be time-consuming, expensive, and stressful. Gentile Consulting Group has years of experience in the construction industry. Our construction professionals ensure that the project is moving forward as planned.  We take responsibility to overview all phases of construction, analyzing and quantifying all potential risks, developing a risk mitigation plan, and being prepared with a contingency plan in case something goes wrong.

Estimating & Bid Leveling

Bid leveling is the process of ensuring that all project bidders submit equal bid packages. Leveling takes the bidder responses and organizes them so that clients can understand them simply in a clear side-by-side comparison. Gentile Consulting Group allows a project owner to use bid leveling to identify the best bids for their project on an apples-to-apples basis. The leveling process has a big impact on whether a project is finished on schedule and on budget.


Capital Planning

Capital planning is one of the most important factors in any construction project. It allows an owner to prioritize and decide amongst a portfolio of potential projects.  It considers costs, benefits and returns to the organization, given limited available resources.  Projects can then be ranked based on their return to the organization.  We help our clients to make the proper capital planning decisions that can determine the success of any organization. 

Baseline Budgets & Schedules

A baseline budget is an agreed cost estimate of the project that all parties are expected to achieve.  A baseline schedule is an agreed timeline of the project that all parties are expected to achieve.  The Baseline budget has adequate detail to track all cost elements of the project at their point of responsibility.  The baseline schedule is a time-sequenced, logically tied set of activities that are detailed enough to build the job, and can be summarized for Management reporting.  The baseline budget and schedule are inherently dependent on the other.  

Once a project is initiated, all performance is then measured against the baseline budget and schedule.  They become the key tools to monitor the project, identify issues early on, and take timely corrective actions. So it all starts with a solid baseline.  From there, the owner is in the best position to make decisions as the project progresses. We help the project owner develop an optimal baseline budget and schedule, and also keep them updated throughout the project’s life cycle.

Why Use Gentile Consulting Group’s Construction Project Planning & Estimating Service?

Gentile Consulting Group has decades of construction and home building experience. We provide construction, project planning, and estimating services throughout Northern New Jersey. We ensure our clients get the service they expect. PSEG, Merck, Alstom Power, and Aries Clean Technology are some of our clients who have shown their trust in our services over a period of time. 

Our team has extensive experience in Planning and Estimating, developing budgets and schedules for residential, commercial, industrial, and land development projects.

If you’re a busy owner, developer or contractor managing multiple construction projects, then consider having us join your team. Every project receives the attention of senior management, and we manage them as our own. It’s our objective to be responsive and transparent on our commitments to you.

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