Cost Engineering In New Jersey

Gentile Consulting Group has extensive expertise in providing the best cost engineering services to the construction industry. Our best in class service allows owners, developers, partners, contractors and lenders to make an informative assessment of the quality of a project prior to doing the deal, and to deliver on budget with less risk during execution.


A good idea and a well-established estimate are the foundation of a successful project, and our cost engineering services offer reliable analysis for the most complex projects. Once the project is a “Go”, managing cost within budget is paramount.  We work closely with all parties to maintain the communications necessary for accurate forecasts, change management, and decision making.

What Is Cost Engineering?

Cost engineering is the business arm of the project team, managing project planning, budgeting, forecasting, cost estimates and negotiations, and financial reporting.

The term “cost” refers to the sum total of resources such as money and time. Because these resources are finite, they must be used as effectively as possible. 


Gentile Consulting Group utilizes the best cost engineering practices. Our team leverages our business, finance, construction, and engineering knowledge and experience to simplify the cost management process, and deliver a clear picture of project health for confident decision making. We always make sure our clients are comfortable with the information they receive and decisions they need to make.

Why Do You Need Cost Engineering?

Simply put – for peace of mind.  There are many players and stakeholders in every project.  The Cost Engineer provides a steady hand to assimilate all inputs and considerations to deliver the best possible assessment of project cost and health.  


Cost engineering has become increasingly vital in today’s world when technology has become more demanding, projects are larger than ever and competition is fiercer. Cost engineering works to identify the best balance of costs, quality, and time in order to maximize the profit potential of each project.

Budgeting & Forecasting

Gentile Consulting Group helps their clients save money by managing the estimating process, evaluating potential scenarios, and assessing likely returns. During execution, we manage their project to the intended target budget, constantly measuring progress against actual costs, with a keen eye on the final Forecast at Completion.  We use Earned Value Analysis, and other techniques to identify risks and opportunities to ensure the project team has the advantage to deliver on time and on budget.

Cash Flow Analysis

Cash flow analysis is one of the important factors of project cost controls. Time-Phased Cash-Flow Forecasts are automatically calculated by us to show a month-over-month predicted spend summary by budget area and cost code. After forecasting, we compared it against actual spend for the project.

Change Management

The purpose of the change management process is to ensure that all variations are handled efficiently and quickly using standardized methods and processes. Gentile Consulting Group uses a simple change management process that helps our clients to control their risk during the construction of a project.

Why Use Gentile Consulting Group’s Cost Engineering?

Gentile Consulting Group has years of experience in the construction industry. We understand the requirements of both lenders, borrowers, and general contractors and provide them best in class solutions. Our expert team always makes sure our clients have the clearest picture possible of their projects’ health and trajectory.


We put in a lot of effort to provide our clients with the service they deserve in Northern New Jersey. Our clients include PSE&G, Merck, Alstom Power, Aries Clean Technology, and more. You can also check out our typical engagements


Our experienced team will support you with residential, commercial, industrial, and land development projects, and we also provide full portfolio and individual project review services. 


If you’re a busy lender, developer, or contractor who manages multiple construction projects, consider joining our team. We give senior management attention to every project. Our mission is to make your life easier, improve your business and bottom line, and deliver as promised.

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