Performance Measurement In New Jersey

As a key element of its Business Management Consulting practice to the construction industry, Gentile Consulting Group provides performance measurement solutions to builders, owners, developers, investors, and project-driven organizations. Our performance measurement solutions provide clarity on the health and performance of your projects and business as a whole.

Our team provides the tools to view the budget performance of all your projects and their impact on the firm’s financials. Our Executive Dashboards provide instant, intuitive, visual measures of cost, profit, cash flow, forecasts, and variances at a glance. This gives you the information needed to prioritize and focus on any potential issues, and the peace of mind to see what’s going well.  

We also help you assess your performance against other firms in the construction industry. By benchmarking the competition, we pinpoint your strengths, competitive advantages, and areas for improvement.  We support you in developing best practices to ensure the organization’s strategy is successfully implemented and long term goals are met. 

What Is Performance Measurement?

Performance measurement is a quantitative approach to measuring the financial health of a project or investment against budget, from inception to completion, and the financial and operational health of an organization against its targets.  It’s used to help an organization accurately manage the project life cycle, and key performance indicators (KPIs) at the department, division, and corporate levels. Performance measurement is critical for all organizations and for large and small construction projects.  It includes the following elements:

  • Executive Dashboards
  • Management Reporting
  • Progress & Performance Analysis
  • Corporate & Operational Targets
  • Benchmarking & Trends

Gentile Consulting Group provides pragmatic tools and services at the level appropriate to your needs. Performance measurement reveals how effective an organization is at achieving its own stated goals and meeting the needs of its stakeholders. We ensure our client construction projects perform optimally in terms of cost, schedule, scope, quality, and safety. Our performance measuring system allows your organization to successfully meet its demands at both the strategic and operational levels, and make better-informed, more effective decisions.

Why is Measuring Performance in the Construction Industry so Important?

All organizations and projects require business discipline to stay on track. Projects can veer off-budget. Circumstances can take an organization off course.  Performance measurement keeps a laser focus on what’s important to you.  We provide you with timely, accurate visuals to see trends, identify opportunities, and head off issues.  We play the short game and long game, to help you see what’s happening today, and where you’re headed tomorrow.  

Whether you’re making a decision to invest in a project, are managing a project in execution, or are at the helm of your firm managing day-to-day issues and thinking about the future, it’s critical to know your numbers.  GCG’s team stands ready to support you.  And when you’re looking to improve your business practices, it’s good to know GCG has its pulse on dozens of similar firms to help you compare strengths, areas for improvement, and best practices. Then put those practices to work!

Gentile Consulting Group focuses on the construction industry and brings a balance of business and technical acumen that keeps you ahead of the competition.  Our deep experiences in the field and corporate offices provide us with a listening ear, an open mind, and fresh insights into the challenges you face, and how to manage them. And our team can begin measuring performance at any point in the project or organization’s cycle.

We offer our performance measurement solutions throughout Northern New Jersey and are committed to fulfilling our clients’ expectations. PSE&G, Merck, Alstom Power, and Aries Clean Technology are just a few of our clients who have shown their trust in our services. To see the results of some of our actual cases, take a look at our typical engagements.  

If you’re ready to manage by the numbers, we’d like to help get you there. Every project receives the attention of senior management, and we handle them as our own. It’s our objective to always be responsive, truthful, and transparent on our commitments to you.

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